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Legaltech Week

Jul 27, 2023

Each week, the leading journalists in legal tech choose their top stories of the week to discuss with our other panelists.

This week's topics:

00:00 - Introductions

03:00 - AALL Conference Recap

18:22 - What If AI Is Actually WORSE For Access To Justice? (Selected by Joe Patrice)

30:44 - Ethical implications of charging credit card fees: Insights from the NYSBA (Selected by Niki Black)

36:22 - NYC subway using AI to track fare evasion (Selected by Victor Li)

44:20 - 7 tech companies including OpenAi, Microsoft, Amazon and Meta sign pledge to, among other things, develops systems to let the public know when an image, text or video has been created by AI (Selected by Stephen Embry)

49:17 - Study from Stanford/Berkley says Chat GPT is getting dumber (Selected by Jean O'Grady)