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Legaltech Week

Jul 9, 2023

Each week, the leading journalists in legal tech choose their top stories of the week to discuss with our other panelists.

This week's topics:

00:00 - Introductions

03:16 - What is Threads? Here’s what you need to know about the potential ‘Twitter Killer’ (Selected by Niki Black)

20:00 - Canadian Court Rules 👍 Emoji Counts as a Contract Agreement (Selected by Niki Black)

24:15 - Forum non conveniens and ediscovery (Selected by Joe Patrice)

28:30 - Judge curbs US effort to battle disinformation on social media; will ruling withstand appeal? (Selected by Victor Li)

34:15 - GPS Company Hit with Products Liability Lawsuit Over Alleged Role in Stalking, Murders (Selected by Stephanie Wilkins)

43:15 - Lots of firms say they have a strategy to innovate their digital operations. A lot fewer really do (Selected by Stephen Embry)

49:10 - Disco CEO's $110M compensation (Selected by Bob Ambrogi)