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Legaltech Week

May 10, 2023

Each week, the leading journalists in legal tech choose their top stories of the week to discuss with our other panelists.

This week's topics:

00:00 - Introductions

02:55 - LexisNexis launch of Lexis+ AI (Selected by Bob Ambrogi and Jean O'Grady)

18:48 - How Soon Before AI Kills the Billable Hour? (Selected by Niki Black)

29:35 - New LLM Shield Tool Blocks ChatGPT from Accessing Sensitive Legal Information (Selected by Stephanie Wilkins)

32:16 - Will AI really improve access to justice? Nothing has yet (Selected by Stephen Embry)

39:40 - The lost art of the business review (Selected by Jean O'Grady)

42:30 - Law Librarians Play Central Role In Legal Tech Adoption And Use, AALL ‘State Of The Profession’ Report Shows (Selected by Bob Ambrogi)

47:55 - Elon Musk and How to Navigate Deep Fakes in the Court Room (Selected by Joe Patrice)

54:00 - ChatGPT wired into Boston Dynamics’ robodogs so they can ‘speak’ (Selected by Niki Black)