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Legaltech Week

Sep 19, 2023

Each week, the leading journalists in legal tech choose their top stories of the week to discuss with our other panelists.

This week was our 100th episode.

To celebrate, we changed the format of the show slightly, and invited everyone who has ever been a panelist to stop by and share One Big Idea (a major trend, story, or shift they’ve noticed in legal tech over the past few years), and One Small Change (a subtle, perhaps overlooked, change that they think will have long-term implications).


Today's panelists are:

  • Doug Austin
  • Niki Black
  • Jeffrey Brandt
  • Cassandre Coyer
  • Stephen Embry
  • Caroline Hill
  • David Horrigan
  • Victoria Hudgins
  • Greg Lambert
  • Joshua Lenon
  • Steven Lerner
  • Victor Li
  • Isha Marathe
  • Molly McDonough
  • Jean O’Grady
  • Joe Patrice
  • Julie Sobowale
  • Zach Warren
  • Stephanie Wilkins